fire step

fire step
raised step inside of a trench upon which soldiers stand to fire their weapons

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • fire-step — fireˈ step or firˈing step noun (historical) A ledge on which soldiers stand to fire over a parapet, a banquette • • • Main Entry: ↑fire * * * n. a step or ledge on which soldiers in a trench stand to fire …   Useful english dictionary

  • fire step — noun a step dug into the front side of a deep trench so that soldiers could stand on it and fire over the parapet. We stood on the fire step with our heads over the top, peering out into No Mans Land. Arthur Guy Empey, Over The Top, 1917 …   Wiktionary

  • fire step — /ˈfaɪə stɛp/ (say fuyuh step) noun a board or narrow ledge above the bottom of a fire trench from which soldiers can fire, observe enemy movements, etc …   Australian-English dictionary

  • fire step — noun a step or ledge on which soldiers in a trench stand to fire …   English new terms dictionary

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